RM. Vocabulary.

The Royal Marines are some of the toughest and most skilled fighters on the planet, bound together by a heart-warming sense of camaraderie.

Throughout the corps’ 350-year history, commandos – or bootnecks as they’re affectionately known – have established their own customs and traditions, along with an intriguing vocabulary to match.

  1. Beasting:                  Give someone a hard time; physically thrash someone
  2. Bite:                          To get someone on a bite; to kid somebody
  3. Bone:                        Someone who is stupid
  4. Chad:                        Really rubbish; you’re dress sense is chad
  5. Common dog:         Common sense; again can be amplified using F*ck – use your common dog f*ck
  6. Devil dodger:          Padre
  7. Dhobi:                      To wash yourself or your clothes
  8. Dit:                            A story
  9. Drip:                         To moan about something or someone
  10. Eyebrows:                To confirm the genuine dit; if it is proved wrong the instigator of the ‘gen dit’ loses his eyebrows
  11. Flash:                        To lose your temper
  12. Foofoo powder:      Being Welsh this will come as a shock!! It means foot powder!!
  13. Gen dit to:                Say this really is true; gen dit, I heard that…normally followed in response by eyebrows?
  14. Goffer:                      This has three meanings; cold drink, big wave or to hit someone
  15. Gopping:                  Disgusting; that person was turbo gopping
  16. Hanging out:           Very tired
  17. Hoofing:                   Good, quality
  18. Honking:                  Dirty, horrible; can be used to describe a person or item
  19. Icers:                         Very cold; icers goffer
  20. Minging:                   Very drunk, can also be used to describe someone who is horrible; he/she is a minger
  21. Mucker:                    Good mate
  22. Nutty:                        Sweets, chocolate
  23. Pongo:                       Someone from the Army; where the Army goes, the pong goes
  24. Ping:                          To ‘volunteer’ someone
  25. Proffers:                    A long term loan of an item using dubious methods (not from an individual but from the stores etc)
  26. Queens:                     Same meaning as eyebrows; cannot be disrespected and if questioned with ‘eyebrows’ or                               ‘queens’ the truth must be told
  27. Redders/red pigs:   Really hot; I am Harry red pigs
  28. Run Ashore:             A night out on the town
  29. Sippers:                     To share a drink; give us sippers mucker
  30. Snap one off:            Ask Ceri!!
  31. Swamp:                     Urinate
  32. Threaders:                Not happy; again can be used with Turbo ie turbo threaders, really hacked off
  33. Turbo:                       Used to amplify ‘Hoofing; i.e turbo hoofing; not to be beaten, the very best
  34. Waz:                          Brilliant
  35. Wet:                           Hot drink
  36. Wrap:                        To give up

A link below to show what is happening now in the Royal Marines: https://www.royalnavy.mod.uk/our-organisation/the-fighting-arms/royal-marine

Somebody actually complimented me on my driving today. They left a little note, it said ‘Parking Fine

Author: Royal Marines Isle of Wight Branch Secretary

An ex-coal miner from the Rhondda Valley, yes I'm Welsh and we were poor. It's what you make of your life afterwards that matters. You can't live in the past. Joined the Royal Marines in 66 Left 88. A great life in the RM and a good run ashore. It taught me among many other things that you have to think for yourself. But to have the sense to grasp better ideas. Not to reinvent the wheel. To adapt quickly. I believe that I was unemployable on demob; so I became self-employed. What I had learned in the military served me well in business. Going into Video Filming, Photography, Running a 1 Hour PhotoShop, Picture Framing. You name it, I tried to sell it. Now retired life is slower, and a lot quieter. I think we all miss the old days. When we were young we thought we were indestructible. Now we can't jump off a 6ft wall though climb it.

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