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Author: Royal Marines Isle of Wight Branch Secretary

An ex-coal miner from the Rhondda Valley, yes I'm Welsh and we were poor. It's what you make of your life afterwards that matters. You can't live in the past. Joined the Royal Marines in 66 Left 88. A great life in the RM and a good run ashore. It taught me among many other things that you have to think for yourself. But to have the sense to grasp better ideas. Not to reinvent the wheel. To adapt quickly. I believe that I was unemployable on demob; so I became self-employed. What I had learned in the military served me well in business. Going into Video Filming, Photography, Running a 1 Hour PhotoShop, Picture Framing. You name it, I tried to sell it. Now retired life is slower, and a lot quieter. I think we all miss the old days. When we were young we thought we were indestructible. Now we can't jump off a 6ft wall though climb it.

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