Around the World in 80 Days 2020.

The Team, have completed the circumnavigation of the world in 74 days covering 24,911 miles.It was done by the same spirit you have. Quiet determination, without fuss or fanfare to get this done. Just unsung hero’s asking for no reward or recognition.
The Team, will not quit and has decided to continue for the full 80 days to see how far they can smash the numbers. We finished on the 19 November after 80 days Covering 26,300 miles.You have to smile at the determination, out in all weathers rain or shine and still decided to go the extra mile, literally.

Your help on the sponsorship side to help, The Royal Marines Charity, has been outstanding.We are in the region of £19,000. Don’t stop, even if we have finished.

As we all know this is, Remembrance Week, and our thoughts go out to all of our comrades who didnot make it home. The numbers are eye watering. We will remember them. The team on the Island took time out at, Shanklin War Memorial, to remember our friends.

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Please donate, your help is needed to make this endeavour a success. Visit our JustGiving Page link above. Thank You. In aid of, The Royal Marines Charity.

We have raised a team, from all over the country. With 11 team members coming from the Isle of Wight RMA (For further information contact: terrygoodwin231@gmail .com )to hold a RMA charity event; Around the World in 80 days (virtually) based upon the novel by Jules Verne with the character Phileas Fogg. This will consist of a team of approximately 30 team members.

Each team member will carry out their individual activity(s) on their own and then submit their totals by email once a week. It can’t be emphasised enough that only true and accurate figures will be submitted.

Bob Seely MBE MP.   PRESS RELEASE – Monday, 5 October 2020

Isle of Wight 

Telephone 01983 220220 

MP applauds royal marines on charity effort

MP Bob Seely has applauded members of the Royal Marines Association (RMA) on the Isle of Wight for the incredible target they have set themselves to raise funds for The Royal Marines Charity. 

Eleven Isle of Wight ex-marines and ex-service personnel have set themselves a target to circumnavigate the globe in 80 days along with 20 of their UK comrades – all in the name of charity.

The gruelling event – which began on 1 September – will see the team walking cycling, running and even canoeing 24,901 miles through until 19 November covering an average distance of 2,185 miles a week. 

The team is already meeting milestones with the oldest member of the team Tom Bodman, 88, having walked a remarkable 163 miles in the first four weeks.  

Terry Goodwin, RMA Branch Secretary, said: “In true Royal Marine style, the team is rising to the challenge and pushing themselves to the absolute limit in order to succeed in this event. 

“They have collectively clocked up an impressive 9,539 miles between them in the first four weeks, so they are well on track to meet their target.”

Mr Seely said: “These ex-servicemen and women have set themselves a tough challenge, but it is great to see they are already on track to achieve what they set out to. 

“They are setting a great example to the younger generation of how to soldier-on when times are tough and do what you need to do to meet your goals.

“I applaud them all on their amazing efforts and I look forward to hearing how much they raise for the charity. Please get behind them and support this incredible effort”. 

Donations can be made via the Just Giving page here:

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Team Press Release 2 October 2020

Here is the online article by IOW Radio on this event:

To cover the distance in 80 Days: Total miles to cover 24,911. 30 Team members need to cover 77 miles per week. This is a rough guide as some team members will not reach the average weekly totals. This could be for medical conditions, age, having to walk more slowly. We have a cross selection of abilities on the team, that will hopefully get us past the finish line.

Timings: Begin 1st September 2020. Finish on the 19th November 2020 -80 days.

If you miss a day through illness, storms, holidays etc the average daily totals will increase. The activity(s) you choose is up to you as long as you can cover some miles. Other, more able team members will hopefully pick up the slack if you are struggling. 

What do team members get out of it? A Royal Marines ChallengeRound the World, Tee Shirt at the start and a winners medal at the end, if, (when) we succeed. Also a well earned drink at the bar (hopefully). The satisfaction of taking part and collecting funds for; The Royal Marines Charities. What’s not to like?

The Team

The Team

Around the World in 80 days

Starting 1 September until 19 November 2020 80 Days

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                 The full list of Team Names.

Martin Lovell…. Molly MacPherson….John Richards….Jonathon Crouch…. Angela McCulley…. Zoe & Ian Allars….Mariana Greenham….Richie Puttock…. Francine Gilliland….Sarah Macleod….Martin Lockyer….Charlie Wilson….Alan Jorden….Gerry Goodwin….Peter Evans….Tom Bodman….Bert Cuthbertson….Ray Bloomfield….Terry Goodwin….Barry Myland….Nat Templar…. Sharon Holman….Mark Stevenson….Jo Salmon….Ady Lloyd….Drew Durkin….Brian Burgess….Neil Blewett…Reverand Tony Richards….Sir Andrew Dowlen-Gilliland.

A few words to speed us on our way. Rev’d. Tony Richards.

“The Path”

God bless the path on which we go, God bless the earth beneath our feet
God bless us to our destination make smooth the way before us
A guiding star above  and a keen eye behind as each strives to reach the goal
This day, this night, and always be with us in each step of the journeys we take.

May God be with us as we journey Christ with us on the climb, 

Spirit with us where we stay. God be with us each step of the way.

Team Pictures

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