War Graves. 2021

The charity event, this year will take place between 1st September 2021 and end on Remembrance Sunday. (75 days) This is to mark the 75th Anniversary of the Royal Marines Association. We intend to tidy up War Graves on the Island. (458) over 45 cemeteries. Nine graves are Royal Marines. We will also collect donations in Newport for The Royal Marines Charity.during this time. Any queries please contact me direct: terrygoodwin231@gmail.com . Or give me a call on 07469633821

This is quite an ambitious project. It will require a lot of work over a long period of time. The work has to be carried out in a quiet and dignified way. More detail is shown below.

There are a number of ways we can get this job done. This will depend on the amount of work required at each war grave. We can do it Individually or in small groups. So once we know the scale of the work required, we can decide on each individual case.

If you would like to Sponsor our RMA Team.

Please go to, :https://rmatrmc.enthuse.com/pf/wargraves Thank You. Donations collected will go directly to The Royal Marines Charity. It is important to us that we support former Royal Marines who are in need of our help.

Schools,Flower Display.

We have invited primary school children on the Island to produce poppies and other flowers made from paper and card. If made from fabric it is planned to pass these out to Island rest homes.

The aim is to display them indoors in the most appropriate location. We had hoped that they could be displayed outdoors, but the weather in early November is unpredictable and may ruin all the hard work the children put in. We have Rev’d Tony Richards on the the team to liaise with the Church. We also have councillors who we believe will help us in getting an appropriate location.

The Plan is to collect the flowers late October and set up early November ready for Remembrance Sunday. More information to follow. Once we know the uptake of our invitation.

If you know of any schools that may have overlooked our invitation. Please pass the information on.

Crowdfunding for Schools.

You can now donate to all participating Schools or to an individual school by highlighting them in the comments box at just giving. All the donations collected on this page will all go to the schools.


  • Schools Participating to Date. 31 October 2021.
  • Broadlea  Primary School
  • Godshill Primary School
  • Brading CE Primary School
  • St Helens Primary School
  • Bembridge CE Primary school 
  • St Catherine’s Primary School Ventnor
  • Lanesend Primary School
  • Carisbrooke Primary School
  • Newport Primary School
  • St. Saviour’s Catholic Primary School
  • Isle of Wight learning zone (home ed)
  • St George’s School
  • Greenmount Primary School
  • St Mary’s Primary school
  • The Bay CE Primary School
  • Arreton St George’s Primary School
  • Medina House School
  • Gatten & Lake Primary School
  • St Mary’s Catholic Primary School Ryde
  • Dover Park Primary School
  • Newport C of E Primary School
  • Northwood Primary School
  • Shanklin Brownies
  • Total to date 23

We have been approached by 1 ladies sowing club offering to help to make the flowers. Sandown Ladies Sowing Club are endeavouring to make a very large poppy with the names of the War dead inscribed.

The Outline Plan

1) The aim will be to have constructed and the display finished in early November and remain in situ until Remembrance Sunday.

2) The poppy/flower display will be at Quay Arts Newport

3) The construction of flowers by the children can be made with any recycle materials, Card / Paper etc.

4) Fabric has been suggested, these flowers will be offered to Rest Homes on the Island after the display.

5) Poppies are the main flower but other flowers are acceptable (this will give the children more scope if they wish)  either singularly or as a bunch.

6) We will endeavour to keep the flowers in school groups so you can see your school’s contribution.

7) Images will be sent to you for your records.

8) The name of the child who made the flower/s can be added. This is an individual school decision.

9) Timings: we start setting up the display at the beginning of November and should take a couple of days . It will be displayed until Remembrance Sunday.

10) Collection and dropping off, of flowers any time in October.

11) `Children and the public can view the display.

12) The press will also be invited along. I will publish a Press Release with images to all the media on the Island. Indicating what schools took part.

13) Flowers can be dropped off at locations on the island. Locations will be published shortly.

14) Flowers can be collected  from your school if a drop off point is not convenient.

15) The Creative Industries Department at the Newport college have agreed to design and set up this display.

Location of Drop off Points
Sandown, 18a Grove Road, Sandown, PO36 9BE
Shanklin, Abbotsford, Cliff Bridge, Shanklin PO37 6QJ
Cowes, 36 Medina View,East Cowes PO32 6LG
Ryde, 20 Marina Avenue, Ryde PO33 1NG
Brighstone, 1 Sirenia Close, Brighstone PO30 4BH

This is the outline plan and is not set in concrete. If you have any suggestions to improve this event, or you think I may have missed something, please don’t hesitate to contact me. We are all on the same team.

The Team

  • Martin Lovell (Chairman)
  • Bill (Molly) Macpherson
  • Peter Evans
  • Tom Bodman
  • Bert Cuthbertson
  • Mark (Bungie) Williams
  • Hughie Shiel
  • Rev’d Tony Richards
  • Barry Myland
  • Ray Preston
  • Terry Goodwin
  • Volunteers from the Island.
  • Mike Rose
  • Leon Dolan

RMA Gazebo in St. James Square. Newport.

The following dates below have been booked for Fridays and Saturdays to set up a gazebo and collect donations  (22 days). (With the help of councillor Ian Ward) Permit, permissions and public liability insurance sorted out and ready to go. If you would like to help on any of the dates please let me know. Two persons are the ideal number for each date. Names of helpers showing what dates they will cover manning the gazebo are also shown below. I will invite The Royal Marine Cadets to give us a hand on this. They look great in full blues.

Update latest on RMA Gazebo, The RMA have decided to give us the gazebo and should arrive shortly. Unfortunately it has not arrived before the launch.

The Outline Plan, Gazebo.

I will put the gazebo up Fridays and Saturdays and take down at the end of each day. The amount of kit required each day and the complexity of the set up means that it needs to be myself.

RMA Gazebo dates.

We will have a large number of RMA freebies to give out for donations. If you are in the vicinity come around for a chat. The Set up of the Gazebo is subject to weather conditions. It does not like strong winds and people don’t like heavy rain.

  • 27 August 2021…………Terry / Tom £440.
  • 28 August 2021…………Terry. £75
  • 3 September 2021……..Terry/Barry Myland. £201
  • 4 September 2021……..Terry / Barry £160.85p
  • 10 September 2021……Terry £117. 89p
  • 11 September 2021…….Terry/Tom £482.60p
  • 17 September 2021…….Terry/Barry £156.27
  • 18 September 2021…….Terry/Barry/Tom £290.26
  • 24 September 2021…….Terry/Barry £132.74
  • 25 September 2021…….Terry/Barry £154.23
  • 1 October 2021…………….Terry/Barry £0 No Show (Weather)
  • 2 October 2021…………….Terry ? £0 No Show (Weather)
  • 8 October 2021…………….Terry/Barry, £135.09
  • 9 October 2021…………… Terry/Barry, £123.71
  • 15 October 2021………….. Terry/Barry £82.70
  • 16 October 2021……………Terry £80.26
  • 22 October 2021……………No Show
  • 23 October 2021……………No Show
  • 29 October 2021……………No Show
  • 30 October 2021……………No Show.
  • 5 November 2021………….Terry £105. 26p
  • 6 November 2021……..…..No Show
  • Total collected to date….£2742.86

The Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC)

They do a wonderful job on looking after the fallen, with restricted resources.
The good thing about CWCG is they have a great app for mobile phones you can download at:  www.cwgc.org It will give you the locations of war graves and description of graves nearest to you. So no need to hunt around too much. We need volunteers to check out these sites and let me know if any TLC is required on them.

The CWGC Rep on the Island Garry Newman has now contacted me and has been a great help with all the finer detail that is required. I can report to him anything we find amiss. He is a former Royal Navy man who knows what he is doing. He has volunteered to give a talk to schools, if requested.

The Church runs most of the cemeteries on the Island and our Revd Tony says they are good for this. The IOW council runs a few. I have contacted them by email, no reply to date. I don’t expect a problem here, as they are responsible for letting some fall into disrepair. Update: 15 August 2021. I have contacted the new Military Champion on the Island Ian Dore to see he can get a response from the council.

List of cemeteries as shown by: The Commonwealth War Graves Commission. (CWGC)

  • RYDE (BINSTEAD) CEMETERY, Casualties  8 Completed
  • WROXALL CEMETERY,  Casualties  2 Completed
  • CHALE (ST. ANDREW) CHURCHYARD, Casualties  2 No Work Required
  • ST. HELENS CHURCHYARD, RYDE, Casualties  8 No Work Required
  • CARISBROOKE CEMETERY, Casualties  32 No Work Required
  • SHORWELL (ST. PETER) NEW CHURCHYARD, Casualties  5 completed
  • SANDOWN CEMETERY, Casualties 10 In Hand
  • SHANKLIN CEMETERY, Casualties  18 In Hand
  • SANDOWN (CHRIST CHURCH) CHURCHYARD,  Casualties 19 in hand
  • BRADING (ST. MARY) CHURCHYARD, Casualties  4 Completed, Completed
  • THORLEY (ST. SWITHUN) CHURCHYARD, Casualties  1  No Work Required
  • TOTLAND BAY (CHRIST CHURCH) CHURCHYARD, Casualties  4 No Work Required
  • VENTNOR CEMETERY, Casualties  29 Reasonable Condition
  • YARMOUTH (ST. JAMES) CHURCH CEMETERY, Casualties  4 No Work Required
  • ARRETON CEMETERY, Casualties  1 Private Plot
  • COWES (KINGSTON) CEMETERY, Casualties  15 No Work Required
  • COWES (NORTHWOOD) CEMETERY, Casualties  34 No Work Required
  • KINGSTON (ST. JAMES) CHURCHYARD, Casualties 3 No Work Req
  • PARKHURST MILITARY CEMETERY, Casualties  83 No Work Required
  • NEWPORT (ST. PAUL’S) CEMETERY, Casualties  8 Completed
  • RYDE (BINSTEAD) CEMETERY, Casualties  3 Completed
  • BROOK (ST. MARY) CHURCHYARD, BRIGHSTONE, Casualties  4 No Work Req
  • CALBOURNE (ALL SAINTS) CHURCHYARD, Casualties  2 No Work Required
  • GODSHILL (ALL SAINTS) CHURCHYARD, Casualties  1 No Work Required
  • HAVENSTREET (ST. PETER) CHURCHYARD,  Casualties 2 No Work Required
  • WOOTTON (ST. EDMUND) CHURCHYARD, NEWPORT, Casualties  1 No Work Required
  • NITON BAPTIST CHAPELYARD, Casualties  1 No Work Required
  • NEWPORT CEMETERY, Casualties 11 Completed
  • FRESHWATER (ALL SAINTS) CHURCHYARD, Casualties 19 Reasonable condition
  • GATCOMBE (ST. OLAVE) CHURCHYARD, casualties 2 No Work Required
  • NEWCHURCH CEMETERY, Casualties 1 Completed
  • NITON (ST. JOHN THE BAPTIST) CHURCHYARD, Casualties 4 (3 Private 1 CWG) in Hand
  • OAKFIELD (ST. JOHN) CHURCH CEMETERY Casualties 15 Very Poor Condition Completed by CWGC Rep.
  • RYDE (ASHEY) CEMETERY, Casualties 3 No Work Required
  • RYDE BOROUGH CEMETERY, Casualties 52 No Work Required/ Conservation area
  • ST. LAWRENCE CHURCHYARD, VENTNOR, Casualties 1 Unable to find grave
  • Totals. 45 cemeteries. 458 Casualties.

For exact locations in cemeteries down-load the CWGC mobile app atwww.cwgc.org

TLC Required at the Grave side.

The TLC to be carried out will depend on the condition of the War Grave as you find it. The list below off tasks that may be required and does not cover all situations. It may look a bit daunting when you first arrive at a cemetery to see the scale of things to be done. We are not tidying up a cemetery, we are just concentrating only on single War Graves.

1.  Cut the surrounding grass (as required). with hand shears and generally make the area tidy.

2. Do not clean the head stone as CWGC are starting a program to clean all headstones on the Island. Our Job now will be to remove bird droppings mud etc.

3. It would be nice to put in a “Remembrance Cross”  that are supplied by the RBL The cost is £2.99 each. Not budgeted for to date.

4. Clean up close surrounding area. Please leave everything tidy.

5. Inform Terry Goodwin at terrygoodwin231@gmail.com of work carried out so records can be updated, so we don’t duplicate effort.


Hand Grass cutter.

Soft Brush/Sponge


Gloves, would be good.

Your may need to wear trousers and shoes for overgrown cemeteries with large amounts of nettles. I wore shorts and sandals, the pain can be quite distracting.

Allocated work to date. as at, 3 August 2021.

  1. Bill (Molly) Macpherson, and Mark (Bungy)Williams, have volunteered to tidy up war graves at Sandown and Bembridge.
  2. Terry Goodwin, I will start with Brading, Newchurch and surrounding areas.
  3. Peter Evens, Tom Bodman and Bert Cuthbertson will start in the Shanklin area.
  4. Martin Lovell, TBC.
  5. Hughie Shiel, TBC

If you come across any War Graves not shown on the list above. Please contact me at: terrygoodwin231@gmail.com so I can inform Garry Newman CWGC. With pictures of headstone and details.

Research carried out by Mike North

The RMA have recommended that we use Enthuse, the online donation System. This is similar to the Just Giving platform. We have set it up and edit content. The Royal Marines Charity receives more of the donation using Enthuse. We can keep a tally of all donations made to see how we getting on.

In Flanders Fields

In Flanders fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row,
    That mark our place; and in the sky
    The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the Dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
    Loved and were loved, and now we lie,
        In Flanders fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
    The torch; be yours to hold it high.
    If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
        In Flanders fields.

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